[Unlocked] Would Suggest Possible Plagiarism

[Unlocked] Would Suggest Possible Plagiarism

  In addition, some parts, especially Challenge 2, do not have one correct solution. This means that I will expect variety in the answers; if two answers are identical this would suggest possible plagiarism. 

 Please read each challenge carefully (from the textbook, as shown below) and provide the required answer. 

Challenge 1: Identifying Link and Loop Polarity (section 5.2.3, p. 145, Figure 5-5)

Challenge 2: Employee Motivation (Section 5.2.3, p. 147-148, Figure 5-8)Please note:

  • Drawing the diagrams: For this assignment, you are not required to use Vensim (although you are welcome to do). You can use any software that enables you to properly draw the diagrams. You may use Microsoft Visio (which you can download for free as a CSU student[1]). Alternatively, you can use Draw.io which is a cloud-based free software for flow charts, etc.
  • For Challenge 2, please make sure to answer the questions included in the challenge, in addition to providing the required diagram.