[Unlocked] Weaknesses Part 1Complete

[Unlocked] Weaknesses Part 1Complete

Think about the three models of argumentation and answer the following questions:

1. Do you think arguments are more persuasive when they’re in a specific logical structure? If so, what do you think the most important parts of that structure are for you? You don’t have to use the components of the models we discussed. Just think about what is really important for you in a persuasive argument.

2. Compare and contrast the three models of argumentation we discussed. How are they similar? How are they different? Which model do you find the most interesting and why?

Argument Types and Weaknesses Part 1

complete the checklist and then respond to the following after summarizing the post above yours:

3. Pick one of the three main types of argument (deductive, inductive, or abductive) and find an example of that type of argument. This can be an example in media, news, pop culture, or just an example from your own life. You can even cite to a fight with your mother if you’d like. I do it all the time!

4. Once you’ve found your example, type the argument you chose into the post, breaking apart the premises (or evidence for the claim) and the conclusion (what the person wants you to believe) and clearly labelling them. 

5. Once you have the argument extracted and have clearly identified its parts, explain why the argument you chose is deductive, inductive, or abductive in your own words. This should take at least 3-4 sentences!