[Unlocked] Variable Labeled Mhattitudes

[Unlocked] Variable Labeled Mhattitudes

Please follow the direction and have answers to questions and a diagram if needed!

1. Describe your sample:

1. How many participants are male and female?

2. What percent are Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Asian American, and Other?

3. What is the mean, median, and standard deviation for age?

4. What percent of participants are in each income level?

2. Are the following variables correlated?

Provide the correlation and state which variables are significantly correlated with each other (hint: look for the *).

1. Age

2. CrimeAttitudes

3. MHAttitudes

Part ll

Using the data set, test the following hypotheses You need to determine which test to use based on how many independent and dependent variables there are. (Hint: Think about how many groups you have to test):

Hypothesis 1: Males and females differ on their attitudes toward crime. (Use the variable labeled


Hypothesis 2: Males have more negative attitudes towards mental health than females

(Use the variable labeled MHAttitudes).

Hypothesis 3: Attitudes towards mental health differs by ethnicity. (Use the variable labeled

MHAttitudes and Ethnicity)

Hypothesis 4: Attitudes towards crime varies by income level. (Use the variable labeled

CrimeAttitudes and Income)

For each of the 4 hypotheses above:

1. State the null and research hypothesis

2. State which test statistic should be used. Be specific.

3. Run the test on SPSS

4. Put all results in a table or list them in some way so that I can clearly see which numbers are your answers. Include the exact numbers you looked at to come up with your results. (do not copy and paste the printout. I want you to be able to pick out the correct numbers from the printouts, so only report the numbers you need. Points will be taken off for only copying the whole printout table without stating which specific numbers in the table you were looking at to get your answer)

5. State whether you reject or accept the null hypothesis

6. State your conclusion in a sentence

*Use p < .05 for all your tests to determine Significance


Write a summary discussing your project. Include a description of your sample (in words, not just numbers), a discussion of your results from your hypotheses including which tests you ran for each hypothesis, a discussion of your significant results, and a conclusion about what you feel the perceptions of the class are on there is a racial bias in the criminal

SPSS Project Variable Labels


1 = Male

2 = Female


1 = Caucasian

2 = Hispanic

3 = Asian

4 = African American

5 = Other


1 = Under $15,000

2 = $15,001 – $30,000

3 = $30,001 – $50,000

4 = $50.001 – $75.000

5= Over $75,000