[UNLOCKED]: two discussions

[UNLOCKED]: two discussions


FIRST– What is the Value of Service? – – Discussion Forum

In  Chapter 2, we see that Mr. Mangalwadi and his wife understood that  faith must be lived and modeled for others. Their Christian faith and  love for Jesus compelled them to give up earthly riches and to move to a  poor and somewhat dangerous area to serve the people there.

1. Do you know (or have you seen or heard about) others who  have given up power, riches, or comfort to serve others? Describe what  this involved and what it looked like. Describe the result, if any.

2. Even if someone does not move to a poor village to serve  people, there are opportunities for service. What are some such  opportunities in your current situation? Have you taken such an  opportunity? Why or why not? If so, what was the result? What did you  learn about the value of service?


Second– Courage to Study to Bible? – Discussion Forum

Mr.  Mangalwadi ends Chapter 3 with the statement that, “deciding to examine  the Bible required courage. I had to go against my university’s  environment.”  What was it about his university that required him to be  brave to study the Bible? Have  you ever encountered a similar  situation? How do cultural differences account for what subjects are  encouraged or merely tolerated to be taught in schools?