[Unlocked] Topic Underlines Several Themes

[Unlocked] Topic Underlines Several Themes

For this week’s discussion, we will explore the role of gender in the hard rock, heavy metal, glam rock, disco and punk genres. Choose a “star” from one of the aforementioned genres in music (e.g., Donna Summer for a woman in disco or The Village People as an LGBTQ+ band in disco). You may wish to review Chapter 57 as well since this topic underlines several themes within our course (pp. 247-249, text). Describe how music began to transition from the typical heterosexual male singing and playing electronically amplified instruments loudly to a driving rock beat to these new styles. Share (use the mashup tool) a musical example and explain how gender in the era of your choice offered a new perspective to music.


Campbell, M. (2019). Popular music in America. 5th ed. Cengage Learning.In this unit, we will be exploring the development of soul to funk and its role in the adaptation ska to reggae. This unit also looks into disco, its culture and influence and the impact it had on the punk music scene. 

  • Chapter 14: New Trends of the Late 1970s (pgs. 256-277)

Articles, Websites, and Videos:The Funk Music Hall of Fame and Exhibition Center: This site offers some additional historical information about funk music and those punk stars that have been honored in the hall of fame.

  • History of funk. (2016-2019). The Funk Hall of Fame.