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 focus on how the testimonio genre portrays Cuban history.

You will argue whether testimonio literature (NOT Reyita, but the text, the literature) is an appropriate genre to portray historical events, or not. 

In Chapter 3 of Life of Reyita, sheds light on dictatorships in the Caribbean, particularly in Cuba. Here are the questions to answer. Pick one ore more, or answer all,  specific examples from Chapter 3. Refer to pp. 116-124. Write page numbers down and refer to specific details in your post. Recall the main characteristics of testimonio literature, and include at least two characteristics in this discussion about Dictatorships in the Caribbean. Remember, we are not here to judge history.

Include a thesis statement in your discussion: In this post I will argue that testimonio literature is/is not an appropriate genre to portray historical events

Include a question for your colleague to answer.