[Unlocked] Specific Moment Might Look

[Unlocked] Specific Moment Might Look

Students are asked to read both the play, She Mami Wata & The Pussy Witchhunt, and the accompanying interview with writer-performer d’bi.young anitafrika. Both are included in the same scanned pdf, accessible via Reserve Readings (the interview immediately follows the play). Based on your reading of these documents, answer the following in your own words.

1)Choose one of the one of the following pairs of characters and provide a thorough, detailed description of all that you know about them from your reading of the play. This may include: personality traits, beliefs, desires, fears, occupations, and relationships (including the two characters’ relationships to each other).

a) Niki and Kizzy

b) Michael and Everdon

c) Niki and Michael

2) Share something from the interview between Mel Hague and d’bi.young anitafrika (included after the play) that provided insight into the play.

3) Share a question you had about how this play would be realized in performance. This might include questions about: what a specific moment might look like; how a particular scene (or scenes) might be experienced by the audience; or any challenges or practical considerations you perceive for either the performer or the production team.

The play is attached below.