[UNLOCKED]: Research questions – qualitative

[UNLOCKED]: Research questions – qualitative


Topic: Enhancing Cyber Security In Healthcare -With The Help Of Machine Learning


What kind of study has been done on machine learning’s application in healthcare?

What are the primary areas of machine learning’s benefits in terms of healthcare security?

What role does machine learning play in improving patient outcomes?

Who is making use of machine learning?

When and how does machine learning come into play?

Overview: Using the topic and research question above, you will design a qualitative instrument that could potentially answer your topic/research question if it were to be applied to a qualitative study. Keep in mind, this may take some stretching if you wrote your question leaning quantitatively. The purpose here is not to box you in but to ensure that you have a solid understanding of both methodologies.


Your research question in the form of a qualitative question (if it was not already).

An instrument or protocol (interview, ethnography, focus group protocol, etc) that could be used to answer the qualitative version of your research question.

A one paragraph description/justification of how your chosen instrument/protocol is the best choice for answering the qualitative version of your research question.

500 words. APA format required with references.