[Unlocked] Read Pages 723 –

[Unlocked] Read Pages 723 –


1) Read the provided YAWP readings.


2) Watch the videos provided. 



3) Review the Dust Bowl presentation provided. 

4) Read pages 723 – 747 and 762 – 773 of the US History online textbook. 

5) Listen to the songs provided.


Using the instructions above, the provided learning materials, and your own research:

 1) Create a conversation starter about these learnings.

2) If we study history so that we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past, what do we need to learn and know from this time period?

3) Pose questions to your fellow students to create further discussions.

Many people starting putting their cups upside down in the cabinets to keep the dust out of them, and they slept with wet washcloths on their faces, waking with mud caked on the cloth. Does your family place the cups upside down in the cabinets?

What else do you want to discuss about this topic?