[UNLOCKED]: reaction

[UNLOCKED]: reaction


Assignment # 1: Disability Encounter Reaction Paper

Students will be asked to write a short reflection paper (3 pages) describing one of

the following encounters with disability:

• Interview a person with a disability and provide transcript

• Read a first-person account of a person with a disability

The reflection paper will focus on basic information about the type of disability as well as the individual’s experience(s) of and attitude(s) towards the disability. Be sure to use literature to support your statements (at least 3 citations from disability-related journals). When citing the literature, please remember to follow APA style.

Page 1: Background and description of the disability

Page 2: Description of your encounter (i.e. describe the interview, summarize the articles read, summarize biographical description)

Page 3: Reflect on the individuals experiences and provide personal reactions/reflections to your experiences learning from an individual with a disability.