DIRECTIONS: For this assignment you will conduct a descriptive statistics investigation and analysis on the data set associated with this assignment that is poste to Moodle. Please complete each of the following numerical prompts. Copy and paste the numerical prompts into your submission document and post your responses directly below each prompt.  

DO NOT submit Excel datasets to Moodle with your assignment. Do save your submission and submit to Moodle in PDF FORMAT ONLY. Copy and paste all requested charts, tables, and graphs from Excel into your submission document. Tables, charts, and graphs are to be formatted to expectations for the class (see Week 1 materials). Points are deducted for formatting and illegibility. Please use complete sentences when providing discussions or reporting interpretations for results (see week 1 materials). Report calculations when requested.

1. Review  and study ALL course materials and textbook chapter material prior to beginning this assignment.

2. Open the Data set associated with Project Part I

3. Create a table which lists each variable and its most likely level of measurement.  Format the table to class expectations as required on ALL assignments.

4. Generate an Excel descriptive statistic table for eacb variable. Discuss and report the measures of central tendency (mean and median), measures of variability (standard deviation, IQR, and range), kurtosis, and skewness numerical summaries. See exemplar (posted at the top of the course list in Moodle) for sample write up.  DO NOT JUST LIST the numerical summaries. Each of the numerical summary areas (measure of center, variability, kurtosis, and skewness) must have an associated meaningful interpretation to receive credit.

5. Based on the descriptive statistic tables generated in #3 above, which is the better measure of the center (mean or median) for each variable? Justify your response using rationale presented in the course materials provided for this week. That is,  REVIEW AND APPLY justification presented in the course materials prior to responding to this prompt.

6. Create a table and which contains the 5-number summary for the Capital Investment variable. Calculate and interpret the IQR for this variable. Report the formula you used to calculate the IQR.

7. In Excel, generate a box plot for the Capital Investment variable. Referencing the box plot, interpret the shape of the distribution of this variable. That is, state specifically which characteristics of the boxplot lead you to your claim regarding the distribution shape

8. In Excel, generate a histogram for the Sales variable. Reference characteristics of the histogram as you discuss the shape of the variable distribution.

9. Can the empirical rule be applied to the Sales variable?  Justify your response referencing details contained with the course materials for this week.

10. Calculate the Z-score for the Sales value for row 14 in the spreadsheet (162.9). Report the formula you used.  Is the Sales value for row 14 above or below the variable’s mean?  Justify your response referencing of your Z-score results that you calculated.