[Unlocked] Publicly Available Esg Rating

[Unlocked] Publicly Available Esg Rating


Answer the following questions given below.  It will be necessary to gather data from the FINRA site and publicly available ESG rating sites, as well.

1. Based on the information contained in the case, what does Nestle see as the biggest issues it must begin to address today? 

   a.  Of these, which two do you/your group believe are most important and why?

   a.  Do these issues also impact competitors such as Pepsi and Kraft Heinz?  Explain (consider product mix and sourcing)

2.  What are the major criticisms your group believes the public might have about Nestle’s plans, especially with regard to consumer tastes and trends (don’t limit  your answer to information contained in the case)?

2. Using information external to the case: 

  a. Using more than one source, what is Nestle’s current ESG score?  What is their lowest subscore? 

  b. Using more than one source, how does Nestle’s ESG score compare with Pepsi and Kraft Heinz?  Identify key differences, if any.