[UNLOCKED]: psyc 335

[UNLOCKED]: psyc 335



Your readings for the session introduced you to the psychoanalytic theory of Freud and to the work of two of his contemporaries: Carl Jung and Alfred Adler. Although the latter two men are considered “neo-Freudians” because the influence of Freud’s principles can clearly be seen in their work, their models are included here to provide a frame of reference on the scope of Freud’s influence. Freud is considered the “Father of Talk Therapy” and began a movement that has impacted our world to this day. We explore other neo-Freudian theories in our next session. As you may have noticed in Allen’s (2016) overviews of these models, each man has a unique perspective on the nature of personality development and factors that shaped it.

Your Task

1. Main Entry:  Start a new thread, and update the topic title, identifying the post as uniquely yours (e.g., Joes thoughts on …; Research gone wild…).  Within the body of your post, clearly identify each segment of the required response in order to facilitate discussion development.

a. Freud and Jung both discussed the influence of the “unconscious mind”. How do their conceptions of the unconscious differ? What role do archetypes play in personality? Take out a one dollar bill. Do you see any archetypes represented there? What are they and what is their meaning?

b. In what ways was Adler a “humanitarian” and social activist? Explain

c. What one aspect of your reading for this session captured your interest?

2. Post Constructive Peer Feedback: In addition to posting your Main Entry, respond to at least TWO (2) of your classmates’ entries.  In four (4) or more sentences, provide constructive feedback.  Do you agree with the points presented?  Why?  Do you have some additional thoughts to share?  Share them.  When providing your feedback present the logic behind it.

Main post due Saturday  by 11:59PM, Peer responses due Tuesday by 11:59PM.