[Unlocked] Pr Case Study Part

[Unlocked] Pr Case Study Part

TOPIC: PR Case Study Part 2: Pitch Letter Template

Complete the following for Part 3 of your PR Case Study: 


Consider all of the public relations tactics that you have learned this topic. Complete the pitch letter templates (ATTACHED) presenting a PR activity for your business, organization, or campaign. This activity may include but is not limited to events, meetings, tours, banquets, conventions, trade shows, or sponsorships.

Note: You will be given feedback on your template for revisions. Final draft of pitch letter will be due in Topic 7.

Along with your pitch letter and press release templates, in 150-250 words, reflect on the activity you chose. Use the following prompts to guide your reflection:

  1. Justify why your activity is an appropriate choice that helps further your goals for the company, organization, or campaign.

Justify why this activity is an appropriate choice for your demographics.


COM370_T5_Pitch Letter Template.