[Unlocked] Pmi Global Congress 2014

[Unlocked] Pmi Global Congress 2014


In this individual case analysis, students will be assigned an organizational case analysis where they will be analyzing different approaches to organizational design, structure required to support changes in strategy. The objectives of the case study are to give students an opportunity to illustrate how organization structure contributes to strategy, how different environments and factors affect the organization structure, design, and strategy.

Students will write an APA format case analysis report of 1,600 to 1,800 in MS Word (or another compatible word processor), double spaced, 12-point font, excluding title page or references.  Instructions:

  • This case analysis is to be done individually. Carefully read and review the case study and write a 1,800-2,000-word case analysis report, In MS Word, double spaced, 12-point font, APA standards.
  • Your case analysis must include a minimum of 3 external academic resources.

Assignment Questions

Carefully read and review the case study assigned for this term:

Bivins, S. S. (2014). A transformational change at IBM. Paper presented at PMI Global Congress 2014—North America, Phoenix, AZ. Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute. 


  • Analyze the case study using all the organizational theory and design concepts you learned so far in this course. focusing on how the organization changed its structure to achieve its new strategic goals.
  • Make sure that your analysis covers, but not limited to, the following elements:

a. Identify the change challenges and needed changes in organizational structure that were required to support changes in IBM strategy. (Use concepts learned in unit 8).

b. Illustrate how IBM new organization structure contributes to strategy.

c. Apply the concept of organization life cycle to IBM. (Use concepts learned in unit 7).

d. Apply the Change Management Model in unit 10 in the textbook (Experience Change Model/EXHIBIT 10.9/Page 398) to the IBM’s change approach. 

e. What is your overall assessment of the change approach that IBM used? (Use concepts learned in unit 8).