[Unlocked] – Please Refer Indigo

[Unlocked] – Please Refer Indigo


For this assignment, you should take a self-assessment Indigo test using this link (you also have another self-assessment test on Connect which can be used additionally but does NOT replace the Indigo test)

Once the test is taken, save the results and create an individual development plan as a small business manager based on the results of the test. – Please refer indigo report attached 

Please, make sure to cover the following subjects:

1. Write the overall conclusion you have made based on your test.

2. Explain how would you develop as a small business manager (in your explanation, make sure to use the results of the test – you can quote the test and/or use screenshots). This section should contain at least three goals for your development as a small business manager.

3. Write at least three to four further steps that will help you to obtain the results. Briefly explain each of the steps.

4. At the end of the paper (as an appendix), attach the screenshot of the title page from your test results (with your name and the date)

Additional requirements:

Use at least two references (besides the test results) for your development plan. 

– At least five references to the test results are required – use the proper in-text citation for that.

– Make sure to fit your development plan into three pages excluding the title page, references page, and appendices.

– FONT: 12 New Times Roman, double-space between lines. Apply all APA Rules.

– Please, see attached rubrics for more details.