[Unlocked] Pineal Gland Using Magnetic

[Unlocked] Pineal Gland Using Magnetic


Chapter-11 Questions:

Researchers were interested in whether lifetime coffee consumption was related to differences in pineal gland size in healthy older (60-94 years old) individuals. Using the number of years, they had been drinking coffee and the number of cups per day, Park and colleagues divided their participants into three groups based on their lifetime coffee consumption: low, moderate, and high. They also measured the volume of the pineal gland using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The data that follow are hypothetical pineal gland volume created so the conclusions and means you reach will mimic the experiment.

FYI- data table is attached to screenshot


Conduct analysis using α = .05 to determine if lifetime coffee consumption is related to differences in pineal gland size. Answer the following questions:

a) Perform the F test, create an ANOVA summary table, 

b) Complete a Tukey HSD analysis (if appropriate), calculate the effect size index f, and the three d‘s. 

c) Write a conclusion about the relationship of lifetime coffee consumption and pineal gland size.