[UNLOCKED]: NR524: Health Policy, Advocacy and Economics in Healthcare

[UNLOCKED]: NR524: Health Policy, Advocacy and Economics in Healthcare


1) Select one advanced practice nursing policy (federal or state) and describe how the policy improves or creates a barrier to healthcare access. Support the policy (with evidence) or describe what you would change (with evidence).

The following texts are used in the course:

Bodenheimer ,T. & Grumbach, K. (2016). Understanding health policy: A clinical approach (7th ed). McGraw Hill Medical.



The purpose of this discussion board is to provide you and your nurse colleagues with an opportunity to reflect and then discuss with each other:

  • How to make the reporting of events easy?
  • How to improve investigating events?
  • How to encourage reporting for safety?

Use the following four questions to guide the discussion on Just Culture: Reporting and Investigating.

  1. How are the people in your healthcare organization treated following an event involving an honest mistake?
    •                How can we, as nurse leaders, ensure people are supported when things go wrong?
  2. How easy is it to report events that compromise safety in your organization?
    •               As nurse leaders, how can we make the reporting of events simple and easy for people?
  3. How well are safety occurrences investigated in your organization?
    •              How can safety investigations  be improved?
  4. Does reporting safety occurrences improve safety?
    •              How can nurse leaders ensure the reporting of events make a difference and encourage people to report?

Reflective Journal 

The Reflective Journal is a place to write short reflections that are posed during the course in Lessons and elsewhere. These are private between student and instructor and allow a non-formatted space for reflecting about your weekly learning and help you realize how you have changed based on the learning you have accomplished during the course.

Please make sure to enter a “Heading” for each reflection that your are entering to keep them separate.

Please be honest about your reflections as these should be your actual thoughts not regurgitation of textbook content.