[Unlocked] New Deal Overall Influenced

[Unlocked] New Deal Overall Influenced


1) Read the provided YAWP readings.




2) Watch the videos provided.



3) Read Chapter 26 of the US History online textbook.

Task 1:

Review this week’s content over FDR and the New Deal.  Select one of the New Deal programs listed below and review the content over that topic. Take detailed notes.

1.    Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC)

2.    Work’s Progress Administration (WPA)

3.    Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

4.    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

5.    Social Security Administration (SSA)

Task 2:

 Compose a 250-word response discussion containing what your learned about the New Deal and addressing the following questions about your chosen New Deal Program.

1.    What was the purpose of the program?

2.    How was it implemented?

3.    Who was involved?

4.    How did the program impact the lives of everyday people?

5.    How has the program and the New Deal overall influenced US society today?

6.    What else do you want to include about the program?