[Unlocked] Networked World Publisher

[Unlocked] Networked World Publisher

Please help me create a power point presentation with the information below using textbook “Business Communication: Developing Leaders for a Networked World”, Publisher McGraw-Hill, Author: Peter W. Cardon, Year: 2021, ISBN #: 978-1-260-08834-2. Information from Chapter 13 should be used from this textbook to create a powerpoint presentation  

1. Find a news article published within twelve (12) months of the date 03/19/2023 from a major newspaper or an official online business source (i.e., The WallStreet Journal, The New York Times, CNN, etc.). 

– Presentations on news articles more than eighteen (12) month previous will not be graded unless approved prior to your beginning the assignment. 

– The Chapter topics are broad; please choose a theme and/or topical subject matter and select a subtopic within your chapter that relates to your chosen current event article. 

– The current event can be about a specific business, person, business process, technology, etc. The article should highlight an issue related to communication that can be discussed within the assigned chapter. 

2. Create a PowerPoint presentation Briefly explain the “key concepts” of the chosen article Explain how the chosen article relates to the learning outcomes of the assigned chapter. Presentations slides should include: 

-Title Slide 

-Agenda or Table of Contents 


-Why is your topic important? 

-Chapter key points 

-Article summary 

-Relationship of Chapter Key Points and the Current Event 

-Business Communication Conclusion 

-Reference slide