[Unlocked] Module 1From Chapter 14

[Unlocked] Module 1From Chapter 14


From Chapter 14 in Thomas Bokenkotter’s book, identify three Church practices from the time period described (c. 900-1100 AD).

Explain how these practices are different or the same compared to Church practices today. You may compare these to practices from Catholic or other Christian traditions, but tell what traditions you refer to, as you may be familiar. An example might be marriage of priests. If you are not familiar with present day Christian practices, ask someone you know who is or Google that practice to see what you find.

Did anything surprise you in the reading? If so, explain.

This is NOT a discussion assignment. It is to be one-page written in APA or MLA style, with references. Please see the rubric for written assignments. “One page” means one full page of your writing, including any quotes, in addition to a title and reference page.