[Unlocked] May Use Political Party

[Unlocked] May Use Political Party

Do All no Plagiarism

1.Unit Four Discussion: “There oughta be a law…”

For your final discussion, and since you are now well-versed in Texas Government, you need to tell the legislature what law they need to pass.  Come up with a new law or tweak an existing law – there are only a few restrictions.  First, it has to be constitutional – no “banning Republicans/Democrats” or “chop off someone’s hand for a misdemeanor” laws.  Second, since we have already discussed guns and drugs, you need to come up with a new area to explore.  Also, since you also know about interest groups now, what interest groups do you think will oppose/support your law as it goes through the legislative process?

The rules:

Your answer needs to be no less than 300 words and no more than 400 words.

2.This assignment is a little different than the others.  It will help develop critical thinking by allowing you to analyze, compare, and evaluate the reliability and usefulness of websites that contain political information.

The Assignment:

Locate at least three ways in which political information is available on the Web. You may use political party websites, interest group websites, government websites, media outlets, etc. Provide the link and a two to three paragraph review of three websites, including your assessment as to why the website may be useful to you or a group of people and what you learned from the website.  The assignment requires complete and comprehensive reviews of three different websites.  No partial credit is given to submissions with fewer than three websites. 

You will need to write two or three paragraphs for each website.  This assignment is worth up to 50 points, and a thorough review of the sites is expected.  Your assessment of these sites should include, but not be limited to, these points: Is the content biased, and if so, why? Is the content credible or otherwise useful for scholastic research? Is the content timely and relevant?

As with the other assignments, it will need to be uploaded in MS Word to Canvas and you must submit using Turnitin.  Your TurnitIn Score must be 15% or less to receive credit for this assignment.

3.Discussion: Why America Joined the Great War2323 unread replies.2323 replies.

Historians use primary and secondary sources to explain the events of the past. Since the conclusion of World War I, historians have argued that there were several factors that potentially brought the United States into the conflict. After reading the provided sources and conducting your own research, explain which cause you find most compelling as the primary reason for American intervention: the sinking of neutral ships, the Zimmermann telegram, or the desire to protect the American economy.

To receive full credit for this assignment your post must:

Address the questions asked in the paragraph above in at least a 300-word post and cite all outside sources appropriately

In your initial post, include at least one interesting question the readings raised for you

4.One of the main jobs of historians is to interpret the past by reviewing primary documents, scholarly secondary sources, and then creating an analysis (or interpretation) of this research. This assignment will allow you to create your own interpretation of the Progressive Era. Your response should be at least 300 words and contain your analysis, reaction, or connection to a specific issue within the historical narrative that you find compelling. For full credit, your paper must not simply sum up the reading or repeat points made there. Rather, I’m looking for you to create your own interpretation, explain the emotional content of the piece, or discuss some original insight. Include citations as needed. Historians of the same time period vary their research topics in order for us to gain a richer and fuller picture of the past and so that our understanding of the past will be as accurate and complete as possible. In the interest of allowing you, as young historians, to follow your own interests, please select one of the following topics to address. 

The Pandemic of 1918: After reading your text and reviewing the assigned materials, submit an analysis of trench warfare during World War I and the suffering of shell shock. You might want to consider the following questions, but you are not limited to them:  How was the pandemic of 1918 different from typical cases of influenza and previous pandemics? How did it spread differently in the civilian versus military populations? What can we learn from this event?

Trench Warfare:  After reading your text and reviewing the assigned materials, submit an analysis of trench warfare during World War I and the development of trench warfare. You might want to consider the following questions, but you are not limited to them: What led to trench warfare? What impact did this have on the way World War I was fought and on the soldiers in the trenches? To what extent were soldiers prepared for the type of fighting they would face?  What stood out the most about trench warfare and shell shock?