[Unlocked] Legal Gps Worksheet Download

[Unlocked] Legal Gps Worksheet Download

 Watch the video in #3 and complete the worksheet in #2


Legal GPS U Narrative:  To play a game well, you have to know the rules. The game we’re talking about, is being an entrepreneur.  The “rules” of the game are the laws — what’s legally recommended or required to run your business.

We’re not trying to teach the exact rules. We’re trying to teach you how to look for those rules because whether you know them about them or not, they exist. And not knowing them can be devastating to your entrepreneurship path. 

But that’s all boring stuff. The excitement lies in the story we’re about to tell you. It’s a story about a budding entrepreneur who too often didn’t understand the rules when he tried to

Assignment Resources

1) A quick overview of the various forms of legal business entities can be  found here (source: SBA) (Links to an external site.) 

2) You will need to complete the Legal GPS worksheet Download Legal GPS worksheet and upload it when you have completed all four sections.

3) Included in the worksheet is a link (Links to an external site.) to the video series you will watch.