[Unlocked] Least Three Sentences Long

[Unlocked] Least Three Sentences Long

Module 6: The Tudor Era and the English Renaissance

Part 1

  • What are the characteristics of English Renaissance era literature?

Part 2:

  • Respond to at least two other students’ initial discussion board posts by 11:59 P.M. on Sunday.
    • These responses should:
      • run at least three sentences long
      • avoid simply saying you agree or you like what your peer said. You can say you agree or you like what your peer said, but you need to spend a few sentences explaining why.
        • to spur further conversation, consider ending your response with an open ended question 
    • Spirited debate is encouraged, but these assignments are not a space for your personal rant. Be sure you focus on the topic of the literature. You should feel free to respectfully disagree with other students’ interpretation of the readings. However, be certain to always err on the side of kindness in your response and language. Violations of class conduct are subject to disciplinary action as outline in the Student Handbook.