[Unlocked] Least One Academically Reliable

[Unlocked] Least One Academically Reliable

Unit VIII Case Study


For this assignment, you will examine a scenario and apply sound ethical decision-making to determine the proper course of action.


Cindy Lou Kodingwho is a new coder at Southern Columbia Surgical Center. She works under the Office Manager, Martha May, but also closely works with the physicians directly when she needs documentation clarification.

Dr. Whobris is a physician at Southern Columbia Surgical Center. He sees a 12-year-old patient who has been previously seen for a right tibia fracture and casting at the Southern Columbia Surgical Center and is being seen again today for a new cast. Dr. Whobris indicates this cast should be billed separately from the previous visit.

Cindy Lou questions Dr. Whobris regarding the new cast and tells Dr. Whobris that she believes it should be bundled under the same surgical visit from the prior visit. Dr. Whobris insists this be coded as a new cast and separately from any prior service.

  1. What is the potential ethical dilemma CindyLou is facing? 
  2. What are the facts of the situation? 
  3. What may be CindyLou’s assumptions, biases, emotions, and values attached to this dilemma? 
  4. Who are the stakeholders that are affected by this dilemma? What may be these stakeholder’s assumptions, biases, emotions and values attached to this dilemma? 
  5. What are CindyLou’s options? 
  6. What is the option(s) CindyLou should select? Justify the decision. 
  7. How can this dilemma be prevented in the future? 
  8. Why is it imperative that CindyLou follow all steps in this process? What benefit does it provide her professional growth and personal ethical decision-making skills? 
  9. What is the final code(s) that CindyLou will apply?

Your case study should be a minimum of two pages. You must use at least one academically reliable source to support your analysis and decision-making. All sources used must be properly cited in APA style. APA formatting is otherwise not required.