[UNLOCKED]: Investigation

[UNLOCKED]: Investigation

 this is a revision/resubmission

Feedback for student

Thank you for your submission. Please make sure to review directions before submission. While you were looking at topics, you needed 4 specific articles one for each topic. You also needed to put in APA format. Finally, you needed to compare the types of research each article employed. I have made some comments. The biggest thing is that you still don’t have a comparison paragraph on the types of research each of these articles presented. 

Scoring Rubric: Module 01 Assignment – Research Report Investigation and Summary

  • Criteria:      At least four (4) research reports and summaries of select research      from the NAEYC Website are discussed in summary paper: Points: 7/10
  • Criteria:      All research reports and summaries discussed in summary paper are      cited on References page in APA format: Points: 6/10
  • Criteria:      Paper summarizes findings, including a comparison of research methods      and findings: Points: 20/40
  • Criteria:      Summary paper is 1-2