[Unlocked] Illustrate Logical Relationships Among

[Unlocked] Illustrate Logical Relationships Among

Please correct the paper as the following : 

1/Those are very specific business problems. Well done.

2/You might have discussed models more thoroughly. You generically referred to them but did not name any.

3/You provided two frameworks from the original literature; thank you. You might have addressed how they fit the unique business problems you identified.

4/There is no identified relationship among frameworks because you did not map those frameworks, models, or theories.

Then answer:

  • Select one of your problems and propose a potential Riipen project that is related to your problem statement and can be completed by a Capella learner. Be sure to detail the scope of the potential project.
  • Using some of the common elements found in the models, theories, and frameworks, construct a mind map to illustrate logical relationships among frameworks for leadership, marketing management, and information systems. Give a detailed explanation of the mind map.
  • Based on three scholarly articles, summarize authoritative models and theories and assess their credibility, relevance, and applicability for leadership, marketing, or information management concepts presented in the course.
  • In addition, create an appendix with a brief (1–2 paragraphs) reflection on the writing feedback you received and how you applied it. Reflect on the nature of the constructive feedback you received, and explain how you will improve the quality of your doctoral work. Consider resources available to you on the Writing Support page in the Capella Writing Center, as well as other resources.