[Unlocked] Hipaa Standards · Healthcare

[Unlocked] Hipaa Standards · Healthcare

Choose an ending to the scenario, and construct your paper based on those reflections.


You receive a message from a peer at work that there is a big investigation being conducted at work due to a HIPAA violation and that it involved a celebrity who had been admitted to the hospital. As a case manager for the hospital, you are given a company cell phone for hospital use because you are on call three days per week. You have pictures of this celebrity you took the other day.  The word is that legal action is being taken against the hospital due to some photos that were sold to the Gossip Gazette. They ask to search your company cell phone.

Follow these guidelines when completing this assignment. Speak with your faculty member if you have questions. Include the following sections:

a. Introduction – 40 points/17%

· Catches attention of the reader

· States purpose of the paper

· Provides a narrative outline of the paper (i.e., the assignment criteria)

b. HIPAA, Legal, and Regulatory Discussion – 40 points/17%

· Presents evidence from recent scholarly publications to address the impact of technology on nursing care related to:

· Patient privacy and HIPAA standards

· Healthcare regulations

· Legal guidelines on appropriate use of technology

c. Scenario Ending and Recommendations – 50 points/21%

· Selects and presents one scenario ending as the focus of the assignment.

· Evaluates the actions taken by healthcare providers as the situation evolved.

· Recommends actions that could have been taken to mitigate the circumstances presented in the selected scenario ending.

· Supports recommendations with evidence from recent scholarly publications.

d. Advantages and Disadvantages – 50 points/21%

· Presents evidence from recent scholarly publications to address the impact of technology on nursing care related to:

· The advantages of appropriately using technology in healthcare

Risks of technology use in healthcare

· Describes professional and ethical principles guiding the appropriate use of technology in healthcare.

e. Conclusion and Reflections – 30 points/12%

· Summarizes what new information was learned by completing this assignment.

· Reflects on how this new knowledge will impact future behavior as a healthcare professional.

f. Scholarly Writing and APA Format – 30 points/12%

· Paper submitted as a Microsoft Word document.

· Adheres to current APA formatting guidelines including proper use of:

· Title page

 Page numbers

Length is 4-5 pages, excluding title and reference pages. APA Citiation..

· Includes at least three (3) references that are: