[Unlocked] Following American Public Health

[Unlocked] Following American Public Health

Please visit the following American Public Health Association Website:


Watch the video on the homepage and check out some links on the website. Explore the fact sheet, and some of the links under Gun Violence Prevention. Watch the short videos on the right side of the site (they’re between 1 and 6 minutes each).

Question 1)

Talk about some things you found on the website and in the videos that you found particularly important, useful, or surprising? (about half a page)

Question 2)

How does this make you feel? As a young person, as a student, as a citizen? (use as much or as little space as you feel you need)

Question 3)

Do you feel that gun violence is a public health issue and WHY? What do you think can be done as public health professionals? (about half a page or a little more if you need)