[UNLOCKED]: Final Project Outline Assignment

[UNLOCKED]: Final Project Outline Assignment


Final Project Outline Assignment Instructions


In order to begin the Final Project Outline, a wireless telecommunications technology must be selected that you are familiar with. 


The objective of the Final Project Outline is to identify a 

Thesis Statement (or to investigate current problems in the field of wireless security).

It is recommended that the selected topic is familiar to you. The subject must also fall within the scope of the course. 

The topic proposal must consist of a written report which must be at a minimum of 5 pages. It must include a Statement of Technology that has been selected, as well as an outline of the project and the anticipated outcomes of the project. 

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

1. Introduction – 1 page

2. Thesis Statement – a current problem in the field of wireless security . 2 pages

3. Statement of Technology – scope of the approach of research effort. 2 pages

4. Outline of the Project – Project Outcomes / anticipated outcomes of the project 5 pages

5. Conclusion – 1 page

6. References –