[Unlocked] File Title Investment Analysis

[Unlocked] File Title Investment Analysis

In this workshop, we will look at techniques that enable managers to appraise, or weigh up, investment in long-lasting assets by relating the initial outlay to the future revenue. These techniques are used by businesses both to assess specific investments and to decide between alternative investments. Companies take these decisions very seriously because they involve large amounts of resources and once made they cannot be reversed.

Buglear, John. Quantitative Methods for Business (p. 261). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition.

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

  • Assess the financial viability of alternative solutions.


  1. Review the file title Investment Analysis and complete the five questions at the end of the file. Be show to show your work. You may do the work in excel but be sure your answers are clearly highlighted and that the formulas work within the excel document.