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The textbook used in this essay is (Myers, David G., & DeWall, C. Nathan (2021). Psychology, 13th Edition. Worth Publishers, New York. (ISBN ISBN:9781319205386)

This PSY 101 essay will require you to use your critical thinking skills and your writing ability to examine a research article:  

1.   You will be required to identify TWO psychological concepts from the article you have selected.

CONCEPT 1:  You will identify the concept, define it from a psychological perspective (use a textbook), and explain how this concept is used/defined in the article you read.

CONCEPT 2:  You will identify the concept define it from a psychological perspective (use a textbook), and explain how this concept is used/defined in the article you read.

2.  You will summarize the article.

Summarize each section: the introduction (literature review), methods, results, discussion, and conclusion

3.  You will evaluate the article.

Who are the authors? What was the motivation/rationale/reason for why this study was conducted.

Who was the article written for?

Identify 2 things you found interesting in the article and why.

Sources: Your paper will make use of a minimum of TWO sources:

  1. The first source is your textbook or a psychological source where you got the definitions of your concepts.(In-text citations are required as per APA).
  2. THE research article you choose.  This article is a research (data-driven) based and uses the experimental or correlational method.

Hint: The article will has the traditional sections associated with a research study (abstract, introduction (literature review), methods, results, discussion, references).

   What to Turn in 

  • Students will write an essay of 450-500 words
  • Your paper must be done using APA formatting style which includes:
  1. Type -written in size 10 or 12 font (Times New Roman)
  2. 1-inch margins all around
  3. A Title Page with the title of your essay and name in the middle of the page
  4. Page numbering in the upper right corner beginning with 1 on the title page
  5. In-text citations in APA format (that means the citation follows either the quote or the paraphrase of the information provided). Any article that was cited in text must appear in the reference page.
  6. A Reference page at the end (called References) in APA format. Any article that appears in the reference page must be cited somewhere in the text.
  7. You will upload your paper to Canvas as a word or PDF file with your name, student number, and 1 word descriptor separated by _ in the file title. :  renira_vellos_123212_memory.doc

OTHER expectations: 

For more information on deciding how to classify a source, see: https://alexandercollege.ca/student-success/writing-and-learning-centre/writing-and-humanities/Links to an external site.

“College Level Writing”: College level writing means that you are able to:

      o Use correct punctuation

o Use proper grammar

o Address the appropriate audience for the assignment

o Write in an appropriate voice (Ask yourself: Is the “I” voice okay for the assignment? Should it be geared towards a more formal audience?)