[Unlocked] Emotional Burdens • Fear

[Unlocked] Emotional Burdens • Fear

Writing a literary character analysis on the short story “the things they carried”combined with a theme 

Possible themes 

•physical and emotional burdens 



•loneliness and isolation 

•guilt and blame

•respect and reputation  

-choose a symbol or theme tht is rich in meaning and important overall 

-what is the author trying to convey?(theme) could this theme be the central idea of the story 

-use imagery to create a mental picture in the reader’s mind 

-the essay should contain 5 or more paragraphs which should contain:

•an introduction that will

-empathizes back information,

-setting(when and where is this story taken place?also provide the historical and cultural context for the characters)

The setting can often symbolize the emotional state of the character (Wht is the atmosphere?how does it affect the characters ?

-n introduces the characters and plot

-along with a **thesis statement**

•The 3 body paragraphs 

-pick 3 characters within the story;

-how are the characters revealed(their speech/thoughts 

-their motivation 

-interaction with other characters 

-striking traits (physical,mental,emotional)

-symbolic or stereotyped

-lastly does this character grow or change throughout the story 

**Let the theme tie in with the characters and elaborate the rising action,climax ,and falling action** 

**at least two quotes from the source in each character body paragraph that you chose from the story **

•conclusion (wrapping the essay up)

**minimum 850 words 

**at least 6 quotes from the source 

**MLA cited page should also be included 

**DO NOT summarize or repeat or paraphrase the text but intercept it 

You can look up the short stories online 

Type The things they carried short story