[UNLOCKED]: Discussion board

[UNLOCKED]: Discussion board

Readings: Chapter 4 in Gallagher Laver and Mair


 Answer ONE (1) of the following questions in your post:

Question #1: In the United States it is quite difficult to amend the Constitution. This is not the case in many European countries. Pick a European country of your choice and describe the process by which lawmakers or citizens can amend their constitution. Do you think this is a useful process for the country you have chosen? Why or why not?

Question #2: Many scholars believe that a strong and independent court system is an important part of democracy. In Europe, quite a bit of variation exists in this regard. What are the key features of European court systems? In your educated opinion, what are the strengths and weaknesses of these features?


The same standards (3-4 paragraph posts, attention to grammar, critical analysis rather than recitation of materials) apply to your main post this week.