[Unlocked] Decisiondiscussion Requirements · Please

[Unlocked] Decisiondiscussion Requirements · Please

Module 3 Discussion

Define the business market and identify at least three major factors that influence business buyer behavior.

Explain which factor, in general, you believe has the most weight on the customer’s decision

Finally, conclude with how the buying situation might change which factor has the biggest weight on the customer’s decision

Discussion Requirements:

·       Please ensure that the discussion question response is substantive in nature, which includes a minimum of 200 words.

·       Post a minimum of two follow-up posts to your fellow students. Please include at least 50 words in the individual responses to your peers.

·       Please avoid writing the minimum. Make sure that the response is topic specific, relevant to the course material, and is supported by outside academic sources through the use of in-text citations with the inclusion of a reference section.