[Unlocked] Counter Worker Job Observation

[Unlocked] Counter Worker Job Observation


Locate a place where you can observe a deli-counter worker. Examples of places to observe a deli-counter worker are: Wawa, Subway, Publix, or a local deli. Observe, ask questions, take detailed notes but don’t get in way of people doing their job.

Instructions: Please complete the Deli-counter worker Job Observation Using Job Analysis worksheet **attached** * SAMPLE IS ALSO INCLUDED IF YOU NEED HELP*

Do an interview and direct observation of individuals(s) performing deli-counter work duties. Write a report summarizing your interview, observations and preliminary job analysis of a deli-counter worker’s job duties. 

Use your Job Analysis worksheet to note the KSAs(knowledge, skills, abilities) required to perform the job. Minimum 2-3 pages