[UNLOCKED]: Constructing an Experimental Question

[UNLOCKED]: Constructing an Experimental Question

Discussion post: from 250-300 words. Will be turned in through Turnitin.com and cross checked through course hero. 

Consider an idea you may have to research using single case design. 

Pick one of the 4 types of experimental questions and construct an experimental question. One from one of these listed.

A. Demonstrative Analysis

B.  Comparative Analysis 

C.  Parametric Analysis 

D.   Component Analysis 

Questions that must be answered:

Identify which type of question you selected

Provide a measurable dependent variable 

Provide an independent variable that is behavior analytic in nature 

Identify how you will quantify your dependent variable? In other words, will you use count, rate, duration, latency, etc.? 

Determine possible IOA formula for your study