[Unlocked] Citations Apa Format

[Unlocked] Citations Apa Format

The paper is attached!!! The field that is being referred to is based on the paper.

For the written portion, you will write on any of the primary articles. I am expecting everyone to turn in a three (3) page document that includes the following:

1) A few sentences that explain the current understanding of the field —  concise but information-packed — What do we know?

2) A transition paragraph explaining the gaps in knowledge that remain unanswered — What do we want to know?

3) A section outlining one (1) aim and some proposed experiments that can help answer the field’s questions.

 – An aim is defined as the desired outcome –  What do you want to achieve from your proposed experiments? This could be understanding how a drug interacts with a certain type of cell, or if a certain treatment causes a specific type of damage. We will talk more about this in class tomorrow.

4) Impact statement — why are your proposed experiments important? Will the results of this study save lives/or change the field forever?

5) Citations — APA format! You can use a citation manager for this (I use Microsoft EndNote, but Easybib.com works just as well)

       Think about the language that scientists use when they are writing papers — how do scientists speak about what they’ve done? How do they speak about future experiments? I have attached an example of my old writing so that you have a template to work with. Remember, I’m not expecting you to get a Nobel prize, I just want you to try to write like a scientist. Give it your best effort, and don’t be afraid to ask for help! 🙂

For this portion of the final project, you will be graded based on the following:

  • Content (25 points) – Concise and complete body of work vs “word salad”
  • Grammar (25 points) – Complete sentences, good transitions, no typos
  • Science (25 points) – Are your proposed experiments feasible? Do you understand what the results of your proposed experiments would mean? What would the proposed experiments add to the study?