[Unlocked] Case Study Discussion Initial

[Unlocked] Case Study Discussion Initial

case study discussion initial post should consist of three (3) paragraphs using at least two (2) sources.must cover the following information: 1)What type of kidney injury do you believe Ms. S is most likely to have? 2) Briefly explain the pathophysiology of this type of kidney injury and relate it to Ms. S’s symptoms. 3) What actions are top priorities for Ms. S? 4) What additional assessments do you anticipate for Ms. S?

Ms. S, a 78-year-old African American female, is brought to the emergency room by her son. He reports that she has been vomiting violently for the past 24 hours. Her mucous membranes are dry and cracked. Her skin is warm and dry with tenting. Her temperature is 38.2C and her heart rate is 115. Her blood pressure is 92/60. Upon further questioning Ms. S reports that she became ill after eating a spinach salad and delayed going to the ED until her son insisted that she go.

Ms. S is unable to void, so the nurse inserts a catheter with a return of less than 50 mL of amber, malodorous urine. The nurse receives the following results, which are significant from her lab work:

Urinalysis = + Protein; + RBCs; +WBCs, nitrates

BUN = 35

Creatinine = 3.5

GFR = 65

Na+ = 150

WBC = 12,000