[Unlocked] Atleast 6 Peer Reviews

[Unlocked] Atleast 6 Peer Reviews

For this assignment, you may need to use SPSS or SPSS Modeler. If can be done in just Excel, use that.

There are many variables that impact the price of a house in any area. The goal of this project is to see the relationship of the dependent variables on one or several independent variables. Use the Excel sheet below to answer the following questions:

1. Determine if the response and term is statistically significant at 0.05? Explain.

2. Does the model fit the data? Goodness of fit for example. Explain.

3. Does the model meet assumptions of the analysis? Residual plots. Explain.

4. What does all this information tell you? Did you need to clean data due to outliers? Provide an in-depth response to the information you gathered.

5. Make sure you provide figures and charts. This paper should be 4 to 6 pages of written information.

Need 5 – 7 pages of content + graphs/charts/figures. APA formatted. Atleast 6 peer reviews citations.