[Unlocked] Also Like Benjamin Franklin

[Unlocked] Also Like Benjamin Franklin

 What problems does Angela appear to have right now, and what problem-solving strategies might Angela use to approach her problems?

Angela feels like those who work for her are underperforming in her superior does not respect her. She feels like her regional manager is micromanaging her. Now Angela is starting to show signs of stress not only in her work life but in her personal life as well. In order to help manage her stress Angela must first recognize that she is stressed out. Then she must tried to pinpoint where this stress is originating. After she has recognized the origin of her stress, she could talk to Piers or loved ones about how she feels and how she could deal with it. Then she could use some of the tips found in the pocket guide to college success book. A few of the stress management techniques are you get regular exercise, watch TV, Get better sleep and eating healthier.

Shushan, J. (2019). The Pocket Guide to College Success (3rd Edition). Macmillan Higher Education. https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/books/9781319262921

What are some conflict-resolution strategies Angela could implement to resolve her issues?

Some of the conflict resolution strategies I would recommend would be two first communicate the issue she is having with her workers and her regional manager. Then I would recommend she uses some of the strategies provided above to help her combat her stress. I find that it’s personally harder to address stress if I have not yet eliminated the cause of it. It’s also pointless because you’re just going to be stressed out again so it’s imperative that she addresses her issues first.

What assumptions is Angela making about her new supervisor?

Angela’s made the assumption that her new regional manager has no respect for her. This assumption was made because she feels he is trying to micromanage her or in other words tell her how to do her job. Well yes, micromanagement is a very annoying thing to have done to you. It doesn’t mean the person doesn’t respect you. The other way to know for sure is to ask them or at least ask them to not do so. If they continue then it might be respect issue but if not they might have only been trying to help. The point is Angela will never know unless she addresses it with him personally.

What role (if any) might communication (or miscommunication) play in this scenario?

I believe communication plays a big roll in most of Angela stress. For example she assumes that her regional manager doesn’t respect her and that her workers aren’t meeting deadlines. I believe both of these issues could be a result of miscommunication. Regional manager may only be trying to help, but unless she talks to him she won’t know and her workers may be doing their best to meet the deadlines but don’t have the means to do so. Until she takes some initiative to ask and speak to these people, she won’t know

What suggestions can you give Angela for managing her stress? The best tip for Angela is to make sure to reach out to someone if she needs help handling it. There are plenty people out here to help anyone who needs the help and sometimes it’s not something we can go through and deal with on our own. Many people have been to the same thing we’ve been through and it’s important to use these people as a resource and not just another story you don’t want to hear. Most of these people would be more than happy to share a couple tips they learned along the way. Also like Benjamin Franklin said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” So I always remember to try to nip stress in the bud when you see the signs of it taking place. Another great tip is to use YouTube. In this day and age, YouTube has a video about anything for any subject in any language. One of the videos I find to be very helpful is https://youtu.be/Bk2-dKH2Ta4.