[Unlocked] Aerobic Exercise ” Would

[Unlocked] Aerobic Exercise ” Would

I need help with editing the attached project.


The work needed: 

The reviewer wants the project to be based on “translation of Saco-Ledo et at , 2022 original research article, since it was used as Appendix B.

Please help look at the Appendix B and correct wherever possible.

Please, use the GCU manuscript to reconstruct all those statements: Topic; Purpose; Problem, Clinical Question, and in the body of the project wherever it used  

“IMPLEMENTATION OF AHA GUIDELINES bla bla bla…. changed” to implementation “of a translation of Saco-Ledo et al, aerobic exercise” bla bla bla .

Please check the pattern from other of your students to make the right statements. Remember , not all will end with “4 weeks period”.

Please, help review the steps in the implementation process to see if it make sense as a fresh reader because the reviewer had stated that it is confusing to her. Although, I have restructured it, I still want you to help me verify it.

Where the reviewer stated that I don’t have evidence, kindly help me fix it.

Statement of the Problem (pls check if complete/correct)

It was not known if or to what degree the implementation “of a translation of Saco-Ledo et al, aerobic exercise” would impact ambulatory blood pressure when compared to current practice among adult hypertensive patients.


Please, if you come across anything that is not properly done, kindly help me correct it.