[Unlocked] 60 Minutes Outcome Report

[Unlocked] 60 Minutes Outcome Report

Review the steps only.

Estimated completion time: 60 minutes


Report the steps you need to perform these tasks.


• Where can you find Apache logs?• What are some of the logs maintained by Apache?• Where can you find ProFTP logs?• What are some of the logs maintained by ProFTP?• What are other common logs maintained in Ubuntu via Syslog?

Lab Solution

1. VMWare

Note: We are using VMWare Workstation 6.5 for this exercise but the following steps are similar for VMWare Player.

2. Click on “Open Existing VM or Team” to open an existing virtual machine and browse to the directory where you extracted the UbuntuWebServer image. Select the Ubuntu.vmx file and click on Open. 

3. Click on “Take Ownership” on the following dialog box. 4. Click on Power on this virtual machine to start the UbuntuWebServer virtual machine. 5. On the next window, select “I copied it” and click OK.

6. Wait while the virtual machine starts.