[Unlocked] 200 Words Discuss

[Unlocked] 200 Words Discuss

Answer the following questions. Answers must be at a master’s level quality with a minimum of 3 sources (one of which must be the textbook – reference provided). The report and all references must adhere to the APA 7 Guidelines.

Explain why ethics are so important in research (min. 200 words)?

Discuss the social science approach and its use in the field of criminal justice (min. 200 words)?

The textbook provides seven steps in its discussion of how to conduct research. Explain each of the seven steps (min 300 words)?

The steps are:

1. Identifying a research question

2. Reviewing an existing literature

3. Utilizing social theory

4. Identifying a hypothesis

5. Determining the strategy

6. Considering the ethics

7. Creating a research proposal

Textbook citation is:

Bachman, R. D., & Schutt, R. K. (2018). The Practice of Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice (7th Edition). SAGE Publications, Inc. (US).