[Unlocked] · Warmer Ocean Temperatures

[Unlocked] · Warmer Ocean Temperatures


1. List of narrowed ideas from the freewrite activity: 

· Warmer ocean temperatures

· Melting ice caps

· Greenhouse gases

· Fossil fuels

· Disagreement about whether climate change is real 

· How politicians talk about climate change

· Electric cars

· Policies to reduce cost of electric vehicles

· Wind farms

· Solar power

· The cost of alternative energy 

· How the international community is addressing climate change

· Global leaders in addressing climate change

· How the US compares to other nations in addressing climate change

2.  Description with underlined key terms and phrases:

Electric cars are an important step toward addressing climate change by reducing our reliance on gasoline. However, electric cars are still too expensive for the average American to buy, so the government should provide financial incentives to car companies to reduce the price for consumers and increase the availability of charging stations

3. Synonyms and alternate terms:

· Electric cars: electric vehicles, plug-in, EV

· Climate change: global warming, temperature change, environmental change

· Gasoline: petroleum, fuel

· Expensive: pricey, costly

· Financial incentives: inducement, tax credit, government subsidy

· Car companies: car manufacturers, automobile manufacturers (also: Tesla, Chevrolet, Ford, etc.)

· Consumers: shopper, buyer

· Charging stations: recharging hub, electric recharging point

4. Sources: 5 Sources APA format