The DWP wants my bank statements going back to 2010.? 1 answer below »

I just got a letter from the DWP saying I may have had more than £6000 in my bank at some time while I was claiming benefits. I MAY have. I don't know. I know I was out of work for a while with a lot of money in the bank, but I never even signed on during that time, let alone claimed any benefits. They say they got this information from the HMRC based on interest paid to me. Now, I KNOW I've been earning money off Youtube the whole time, and always assumed the tax was taken out automatically (Anyone know if it is?) So, if it turns out that I was claiming benefits at a time I had over £6000, what am I likely to have to pay back? And when did it become £6000? All their literature says it's £16,000 Also, if the HMRC are aware of the amount that's been in the bank, why have they not sent anything asking for the tax? This has just led me to believe the tax on the Youtube earnings is taxed automatically. The letter says I have 14 days to provide the information, but I doubt my bank could print it out in that time. It says that, if I need more time, to contact them on . The dot, I assume is their phone number, so…this looks like an automatic letter that nobody has ever bothered to write the number on. I have no idea about all this stuff, so…anyone know more about all this?