Team Building


Team Decision Making

The impact of conformity has many harmful effects on humanity. Typically, various levels of management make decisions impacting many teams. As a result, the teams perceive a lack of choice in the decisions, and they are left only with the choices on implementation. This creates a significant context of conformity and causes resistance and significant implementation challenges.

Select one of the teams that you identified for the week 1 final project. Seek approval from the instructor early in the week if a different team is needed for the project. Using the selected team and its larger organizational context, create a process allowing all stakeholders to be engaged in decision-making. Be sure to consider the following: Who are the key stakeholders in a decision? How do you identify them? How does a leader elicit input from stakeholders so the decision builds upon the collective wisdom of the team? Describe some ways to make sure you obtain authentic commitment from team members. How can you create an accountability structure ensuring the efficient implementation of a decision made by the group?

The final paragraph of your post (3 to 4 sentences) should summarize the one or two main points that you are attempting to make in your post.

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