Sick of my Next Door Neighbours; Handling/Not paying tax?? :-(? 1 answer below »

UK: In that this property happens to be occupied by the housing association and we had new neighbours moved in 2006. We've lived and occupied our property since 1981, and we own our house. Yes, it may come across territorial, but we're sick of these people after essentially, getting too emotionally attached: they have 2 kids and my mum and dad have bent backwards for these guys. Their wife simply doesn't want to know (which I don't care), but she uses US all the time FOR HELP – most recently on me, Monday, 0845 numbers, emailing, printing, I'm sick of it, because there's no gratitude coming out of it. She (The Wife) does Beauty Therapy of which we're aware she doesn't pay tax (at home). I just hate the fact that they make noise and that's what annoys me the most as well as them bothering us and my mum who suffers from arthritis. Just getting to the end of my tether on this as they've been on the circuit since 2006!