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please find the attached files.

Please sketch/draw the specified drawings on the attached question sheet. Please answer anddraw in detailed as specified and any information next to it and dimensions where its needed. All drawings and informations hs to be in australian standards.

Dont need to draw it accurately in scales but please draw it how it should look like along with its details such as the sizes of windows etc, and information and dimensions where it's needed so i can re-draw it accurately when im actually drawing itfor my final drawings. example for isometric drawings; please ensure when drawing it that its easy to follow so i can draw it properly including the information/details/dimension as the question is asking…

please send it on time as i have to re-draw it for my good copy and have to send it on sunday at 5pm at the library, if you can finish it earlier on the due date it would be great as i have to re-draw it for my final submission. Pls ensure that its easy to understand and to follow.

please email me with any question ..

thank you