? This website is run by the National Association for… – This website is run by the National Association for Bilingual Education. It presents an informative insight into the controversies surrounding the implementation of a Bilingual Education policy. The website basically presents the argument that while many Americans may resist the idea of having bilingual modes of instruction in classrooms; they are also unaware of the fact that the Bilingual Education program does not mean that both languages will be at par. It still recognizes the primacy of the English language over other languages.

Quality Bilingual Education: Defining Success – This report by Maria Estela Brisk basically examines the recent studies that have been done with regard to Bilingual Education over the years. It argues that there are different notions of success in Bilingual Education. As an alternative, the author suggests that the success in Bilingual Education can no longer be viewed in traditional views but must also incorporate newer concepts in the advent of globalization.

The Pros of Bilingual Education – This article by Dominico Maceri in the Denver Business Journal basically argues that the implementation of Bilingual Education produces better overall long term benefits. The old “sink and swim” method that was in place no longer holds true, according to Maceri. Instead, schools should allow immigrant school children the chance to get the education that their parents were never able to have. Strengthening the learning core of the students should be the number one priority.

Chicano Empowerment and Bilingual Education: Movimiento Politics in Crystal City, Texas – This article by Angela Valenzuela highlights the field work conducted in Crystal City on the topic of Bilingual Education. It recounts the history of the evolution of Bilingual Education in the area and places emphasis on the factors that made it possible such as an increasing Latin American population. The article basically states that bilingual education is more than just linguistic development. The implementation of bilingual education programs in schools will lead to community empowerment.


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